‘A’ Class:

Any eligible person can hold ‘A’ Class share of Rs. 100/-. The Bank is issuing Surety Loan to salaried class people of Puducherry State and those who are availing Surety Loan from the Bank should hold 5% of share to their sanctioned loan amount. ‘A’ Class member holds the power of voting in the election to the Board of Directors and he can nominate to the post of Director of the Bank. If a person holds ‘A’ Class membership, he can be exempted from deduction of TDS for the interest amount getting from his deposits in the Bank without any limit. Persons who have ‘A’ Class membership in the Bank can avail Jewel Loan above Rs. 1.00 lakh upto Rs.5.00 lakhs. The total no. of ‘A’ Class members for the last five years and the share collected is shown here-under:

Year No. of member Amount of Share
2012-13 24,525 Rs. 517.02 lakhs
2011-12 23,927 Rs. 524.19 lakhs
2010-11 23,262 Rs. 507.27 lakhs
2009-10 23,374 Rs. 525.92 lakhs
2008-09 23,336 Rs. 533.94 lakhs