Registration No - P-14, Address : No. 197, Jawaharlal Nehru Street, Puducherry - 605 001

Our Fixed Deposits provide a greater earnings with the flexibility of maintaining your funds in accessible units.

The salient features of fixed deposit account:

 1. The period of fixed deposit ranges between 15 days to 10 years.
 2. Fixed Deposit can be made normally with a nominal amount of Rs.5000/- and
      above without limits.
 3. The depositor can get a loan facility upto 85% against deposit in case of
 4. Premature closing of account will be done by deducting 1% of the interest
      payable as on that date.
 5. Interest can be paid on monthly intervals and quarterly basis.
 6. Interest will be paid at the contracted rate irrespective of changes in the
      rate thereafter.
 7. Nomination facility is compulsory.

Higher deposit rates for deposits of Rs.15 lakhs & above:
All deposits of Rs.15.00 lakhs above an additional interest of 0.5% will be payable on maturity of one year and above.
All deposits of Rs.50.00 lakhs above an additional interest of 1% will be payable on maturity of one year and above.

Higher deposit rates for Senior Citizens:
For all the fixed deposits of senior citizens an additional interest of 0.5% over the normal rate of interest will be payable on maturity of one year and above. This will be applicable for fresh term deposits and renewals.
For the purpose of this deposit Senior Citizens should establish their age by producing any one of the following documents.

  1. Secondary School leaving certificate with date of birth.
  2. LIC Policies
  3. Voter I.D.Card.
  4. Pension Payment Order.
  5. Birth Certificate issued by the competent authorities.
  6. Passport.
  7. Any other documents acceptable by the bank.

Permanent Account Number (PAN):

For deposits above Rs.50,000/- the depositor shall produce his/her permanent account number as per Reserve Bank of India guidelines.

Documents to be produced:

  1. Application form as provided by the bank
  2. Photograph
  3. Address Proof
  4. PAN Card in case of deposits above Rs.50,000/-
  5. Introduction by any customer of the bank for the new deposits.